tonsley future energy CONSORTIUM

The home of innovation. 


By 2030, worldwide energy consumption is expected to increase by 40%.


This future will be powered by the renewable energy solutions innovative businesses of today are already working on - and how these innovations work together will determine how sustainable this future will be. 


Tonsley Innovation District has established a unique position in Australia, amassing a co-located cluster of organisations in the renewable energy and cleantech sector.


The Tonsley Energy Consortium was founded in 2018 to realise a vision of strong collaboration between current tenants and solution providers in energy.  The group of founding members that included Zen Energy, SAGE Group, Cleanpeak, Azzo and EfficientSee has since grown to include the City of Marion, Flinders New Venture Institute, Tafe SA, Tesla, Danfoss, Rockell Automation and Phoenix Contact.  This dynamic group represents a unique model of collaboration that is the way of the future.  


Through this collective, the Tonsley Innovation Precinct is becoming recognised as the Future Energy Hub and is known for many ‘firsts’ including Australia’s largest rooftop solar array and Hydrogen electrolyser. 


World-leading innovators are already thinking, designing and collaborating within the 61-hectare precinct. With the support of research from on-site tertiary institutions, these businesses are at the forefront of cleantech and renewable energy innovation, working alongside one another to develop and launch the breakthroughs which will power tomorrow's planet.