Summit Program

9am - Event opens

Guests are welcome to arrive at Tonsley Precinct for morning coffee before the event begins.

9:30am - Speakers


Hear from Tonsley Future Energy experts as they discuss energy in todays market, how it relates to your business and what the Tonsley group of companies is doing to advance energy reliability in the state and accross the country. 


Lunch will be provided to summit delegates, along with freshly brewed coffee and tea. 

1pm - Tonsley tour

Experience the advanced thinking of the future of energy first hand, as you are invited to walk around the Tonsley precinct and see inside the businesses that are the centre of energy innovation. 

2:15pm - Energy Workshops

Participate in our energy workshops, which will walk you through tangible and practical ways that you can save money and be more efficient in your energy consumption for your business. Work with our panels of experts who will step you through a range of solutions which are available to you to implement in your business. 

4pm - Q&A

At the end of the Summit, we will sit with a panel of energy experts where you can ask questions regarding to your business and the future of energy in Australia. 

5pm - Networking

Join us and all of our summit experts for a catch up drink where you can network, collaborate and meet peers and possible business partners.